San Antonio is a historical city in the Texas state located in Southern United States. It’s a quintessential tourist attraction and has a marked Hispanic character. Today, many people desire to find good places to stay here. It’s been renovated and now offers a human face more than typical American cities. You must find the best areas to stay here. Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll land up in a less desirable part of San Antonio. You can find some of the best cheap hotels in San Antonio online that fall within the price range of $57 to $138. On such a site, you can look into the category of super affordable stays with necessary amenities. Here you’ll be surprised to know that the cost of a king bed is $57. Given below are some best areas where you can stay in San Antonio.


The main area of the Riverwalk is a small island. It’s a man-made river promenade. Surrounding it are the city’s main attractions like its cathedral. You can have a relaxing afternoon stroll in this area and taste San Antonio’s massive range of food and drink options. It also offers some of the best leisure facilities at cost-effective prices. 

There are many good hotels in this area in luxury and mid-range. Most hotels have restaurants and terraces, with the help of which you can overlook the riverside promenade. 

Around Pearl and The San Antonio Museum of Art

This area is located north of Downtown San Antonio. The site has evolved from an old industrial one to a more gastronomic and leisure hub. The Pearl complex is present on the Riverwalk’s north side. It contains an array of eateries, nightclubs, microbreweries, and hotels. 

The San Antonio Museum of art is its cultural institution. It showcases a collection of incredible art, particularly American and Latin American art. If you want to explore the cultural atmosphere of San Antonio, this is one of the best places you can explore. 

North San Antonio and around its International Airport 

North San Antonio has lots of suburbs. The north side of the city is the largest because of its development history. The San Antonio International Airport deals with nearly 8 million passengers annually. You can find hotels in different categories here. Many of them are at a distance of 2.5 to 7 miles from the airport. 

This area is ideal for travelers with a vehicle like a car because public transportation here is not the best.

West San Antonio 

The west part of this city is primarily Hispanic and has specific wealthy neighborhoods. It is speedily growing as a great metropolitan area. You will find the SeaWorld San Antonio water park and big complexes for national and local companies. These include Wells Fargo, North West Vista College, QVC, and Coventry Health Care.

Good hotels are not more than 5 miles from the water park. In these hotels, there’s the availability of an iPod docking station, flat-screen TV, gym, shops, and hot breakfast.

You can use a global platform to find cheap hotels in San Antonio, where you can search by the number of rooms and guests. You can also find places to visit, eat, and take a backpack to this city. Moreover, you can avail of a 15 percent extra discount on logging into the platform and the best deals on various hotels with a range of amenities. Thus, you can be sure of visiting and staying at the most cost-effective prices in various places in San Antonio. 

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