Our edit of the simplest window treatments ideas for 2021: they include both decorative Roman and roller blinds that add layering and luxury to an area to more pared back blinds that provide solar shading; for curtains, luxurious layered looks are popular amongst interior designers; shutters are perennially popular and are even finding their way on to porches; for rental properties, Venetian blinds provide streamlined, smart looks – but on a cheaper budget than shutters.

How do I qualify for window treatments?

Follow measuring instructions carefully for the precise blinds or curtains you would like to order and therefore the situation you would like to suit it into, like a bay window or patio door or standard rectangular window. These are provided on most retailers’ websites. Use a metal measuring tape as fabric tapes can stretch or give inaccurate measurements. Also, decide which side you would like the controls on for the convenience of use.

How does one decide whether to suit inside or outside the recess? Leah Brandwood, Head of Design, Blinds 2go, explains this may depend upon whether your window features a recess or not and what obstructions there are to fitting the blind inside the recess, like handles, window fittings, and therefore the direction the window opens.

‘If the space is obvious then it comes to personal preference. But most of the people like better to fit their blinds inside the recess, and curtains outside the recess.

How do I select a curtain header?

The main options are eyelet – usually were large, metal rings are set within the material at the highest of the curtain and simply loop onto a curtain pole – or pleated – a more classic look where gathered folds line the highest of a curtain which may be attached to a track or a pole with hooks. There are then further variations between these looks, which all give slightly different appearances.

‘At Warner House we love the pinch pleat heading; triple pinch for a heritage look, double pinch for a sleeker finish,’ says Emma Clarke, director, Warner House. ‘Be generous together with your widths to avoid lackluster, thin curtains. Hang curtains above the framework for extra height and to showcase a wonderful sweeping design.’

Once you’ve decided, you’ll then start to possess fun choosing a curtain pole, or take a glance into pelmets to hide the highest of the curtain entirely.

How do I pick a pattern for my window treatments?

‘There are a variety of practical and aesthetic considerations when choosing curtain fabric,’ says Emily Mould, Design Director Romo and Black Edition. ‘Consider whether you would like to form a press release with a robust color, pattern, or contrasting texture or whether you would like a subtler look with a clear, textural neutral, or muted pastel shade.

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‘A bold, large-scale design can create a striking focus and can work best when used for giant windows where the complete repeat is often fully appreciated. If you’ve got smaller windows, choose a small-scale pattern to make a more refined look.

‘Consider the standard of the material; a chic lightweight sheer can gently diffuse the daylight whilst dressing your windows with more substantial fabrics like luxurious wools or sumptuous velvets can help prevent drafts and retain heat.

‘Color is additionally important; pale earthy blues and greens can provide a soothing haven whilst rich reminder plum or scarlet create an intimate space and luxuriant tones of ochre or burnt orange can induce a sense of heat .’

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